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Editorial Reviews

The life of St. Thérèse de Lisieux, a young Carmelite nun who died of tuberculosis, is the inspiration for this spare, sincere French film. The obsessively religious Thérèse (Catherine Mouchet) fights to be allowed to join the rigorous order of nuns, taking her petition all the way to the Pope himself. After becoming part of the sisterhood, Thérèse takes joy in the strict rituals and devotions, until she develops tuberculosis and her inner connection with God suddenly leaves her; despite this, she never loses faith, and writes a private diary (which, when published after her death, became hugely popular). The settings of every scene are depicted only by furniture; the neutral background puts all the focus on the rich performances of the actors, including Hélène Alexandridis as a young nun who falls in love with Thérèse. An elegant film, perhaps best appreciated by Catholics. --Bret Fetzer

From the Back Cover

Winner of eight Cesar Awards including Best Film and Best Director, Alain Cavalier's monumental film depicts the true story of St. Therese de Lisieux, a young woman who found personal joy and spiritual liberation within the restrictive traditions of an austere religious order. Wishing to dedicate her life to Christ, Therese (Catherine Mouchet) enters a cloistered convent of Carmelite nuns at the age of 15. But shortly after joining the order, she finds her devotion to the Lord tested by a grim battle against the debilitating effects of tuberculosis, for which she refuses any treatment. The strength of her faith eventually becomes an inspiration to both her fellow sisters and the millions of admirers who remember her as "The Little Flower of Jesus." END


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